One-Skein Inspiration: Tiny Tassels Shawl

One-Skein Inspiration: Tiny Tassels Shawl

One-Skein Inspiration: Tiny Tassels Shawl
by Ann Weaver

Whether you’re shopping for a last-minute gift, looking for some relaxing knitting for family parties, or seeking a project to use a single skein of fingering-weight yarn—plus minis!—I recommend the Tiny Tassels Shawl

I recently knit up a Tiny Tassels using a skein of Garn Surr Merino Sock, and I’m thrilled with the results. It would be stunning in a more complex color, too—Garn Surr (and String Theory) has plenty of these.

I made one modification to the pattern. Instead of working the increases along the edges and down the center as yarnovers and backward yarnovers, I worked the edge increases as knit front and back (kfb) and the center increases as yarnovers. It felt more natural to me, and I wanted the most relaxing knitting possible. You can increase any way you like.

For my tassels, I used Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Sock in the color Gwynn Oak. I made all my tassels the same color, but you can use several colors. Make a semi-solid shawl with speckled tassels, a speckled shawl with semi-solid tassels of multiple colors, or go crazy with all speckles!

Need a last-minute present for a knitter? Consider pairing a skein of fingering-weight yarn with a few minis. Or treat yourself!

Happy knitting and happy new year, everyone!

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