My Mom Susan Schurmeier

My Mom Susan Schurmeier


Today is my birthday, so it seems like the perfect day to feature my mom, Susan Shelby Schurmeier, a woman making history. I have been so lucky to have her support throughout the String Theory adventure, but these seeds were planted long ago.

I could fill more than one blog post with things my mom has taught me, but three things come to mind that have specifically impacted String Theory.

1. Crafting is Cool

We are a family of makers – both my parents, both sets of grandparents. Growing up we were entertained with crafts. My mom taught me to knit one day when I was sick and home from school. Summers were spent drawing and tie dying t-shirts and going to craft fairs. Crafts are still an important part of our lives. I love having my mom’s beaded jewelry sold exclusively at String Theory.

Quilt my mom made for me with fabrics from clothes she had made for me.

2. The Hand of a Good Fabric

My mom used to sew a lot. She taught sewing at Village Fabrics in Glen Ellyn. She quilted and reverse appliquéd. She made my clothes when I was growing up. I remember trips to the fabric store in the summer to pick out patterns and fabric for my new outfits for fall.

She taught me what good fabric feels like. We touched everything. This is how I learned to appreciate natural fibers.

3. Difference is a Good Thing

When I was growing up in the suburbs, my mom worried that I wasn’t going to learn what the “real” world was like. So we traveled. And we talked about different races and different religions and different ideas. I learned that difference was something to be appreciated, not feared.

Diversity makes us stronger. That is a founding principle of String Theory. I learned that from my mom.


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