Fibres of Life

Fibres of Life

This is the adventure of fair trade we are on.
Along with the unexpected twists and turns,
administrative headaches, bumpy jeep rides,
hot masala chai’s, gentle laughing artisans,
and street dogs on our way.
From farmer or artisan to buyer,
it brings fantastic people together
who are injecting more into the world.

Jenn Pullin, founder of Fibres of Life


Fibres of Life was started by Jenn Pullin to be a part of an international collaboration to support social and environmental development in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Jenn knows that they need to create products that are not bought charitably. No beige, no ‘do good’, no ordinary. They strive for color, whimsy and intelligent design that people will WANT. Then, she hopes they will be moved to think about where it came from, and their role as an ethical shopper.



You can see this in the zipper bags they produce. The bags come in two sizes. One for notions. One for small projects. One side is beautiful. The other side, with a see-through mesh, is practical. Click here for glimpse into how the felt is made.


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