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VogueKnitting | Spring/Summer 2015

LYS Profile

by Daryl Brower

“Along with providing a space for crafters to create and connect, Avila envisioned a store that would offer products that support causes she’s passionate about. String Theory,which opened in 2004 and now makes its home in a 19th-century building in Glen Ellyn’s historic downtown, is chock-full of those good things….” Read more

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Yahoo.com/makers | January 21, 2015

Is ‘Cruelty-Free Knitting’ the Future of Crafting?

by Adrienne Mand Lewin

“Janet Avila, owner of String Theory Yarn Company in Glen Ellyn, Ill., focuses her store broadly on “yarns that make the world a better place.”….” Read more

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mysuburbanlife.com | June 19, 2014

Repurposed bikes bring public art to downtown Glen Ellyn

Anna Schier [email protected]

“What has two wheels and tons of creative potential?” Read more



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Examiner.com | April 2012

Chicago area experts weigh in on
what to knit for your teen

Amy Kaspar
Chicago Knitting Examiner

“…Over at String Theory Yarn Company in Glen Ellyn, long-term associate Kristen Quain has seen several mothers come and go through the store with the same question. For smaller items where your teen can most likely find interest in looking through the patterns with you, she suggests hats and fingerless gloves. Both projects are quick enough knits where an imminent deadline can still be realistic, and the choices for both free and paid patterns in each category are literally endless. Some favorite patterns from the Knit Picks website, by the users of Ravelry.com include the Aunt Shirley Hat, the Avalon Cabled Hat, the Belladonna Fingerless Gloves, and the Diamond-Textured Mitts.” Read more

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Examiner.com | November 30, 2011

String Theory Yarn Co. warms the community
with 3rd Annual Scarf Project

Amy Kaspar
Chicago Knitting Examiner

“Janet Avila is a charitable person by nature. Her local yarn shop, String Theory Yarn Company, has been a fixture in downtown Glen Ellyn since 2004, so she naturally saw the endless possibilities of charitable opportunities through the reaches of her business. The only question to ask was what the best outlet would be to help the community through her store.

“We tried knitting scarves for the homeless, but people weren’t getting behind it because they did not know where the scarves were going,‘ says Avila. Then a few years ago, Avila had heard about a clothing store in the United Kingdom which collected hand-knitted scarves to sell, with the proceeds of the sale being donated to charity. ’I thought if a clothing store could do that, we could do it as well. ‘ ” Read more

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destiknitions.blogspot.com | Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our Yarn Fix:
String Theory Yarn Co

Allie Pleiter
destiknitions blog

“What I like most about this store is the thought behind it. Owner Janet Avila opened String Theory six years ago with the inspirational vision of selling yarns that are ‘socially responsible and environmentally friendly.’ You don’t just get your yarn fix here, you make the world a better place – how much more satisfying can it get?? And Janet’s picky; it’s not just a good cause, it’s really good yarn. Whatever catches your eye here, the staff will know why it’s good yarn and what it’s especially good for, not just who it helps. You simply can’t go wrong. Janet understands what real yarnies have known all along: we’re all connected. She actively fosters connections between customers, believing ‘anything can be resolved around a knitting table.’ She gets that we want community, not just …” Read more